It’s pretty obvious why you should sell your house yourself. To save lots of money! A really lot! And who doesn’t want to do that?

The real question is why don’t more people do it? It used to be, before the internet, remember waaaayyyy back then, you really did need a real estate agent to help you. Mostly because there was no way to market your house other than the classifieds in the newspaper. Again, remember those? Newspapers?

It required a real estate agent to post your “listing” in the real estate books that only other real estate agents had access to. So you would you need to list your home with an agent so they could show it to other agents who would show to their client. Did you follow that?

The only way to get your house shown was to hire an agent to show it to other agents. The real estate industry held all the information so they held all of the control.

Why You Can Sell Your Home Yourself

And then came Zillow. There were other sites before but Zillow was the 800 pound gorilla that changed everything. Zillow and other modern websites post online all the information that used to be held close by the real estate industry. Today all that information is available for free to the public.

That’s where the buyers are. Their online looking at homes for sale. They can see what the home sold for in the past. They can see what the real value is. They can see pictures and descriptions. They can contact the homes owner directly when a for sale by owner.

Many of these buyers have their own agents but the point is your house can be found. You really don’t need to pay someone to list it for you.

So do it yourself and save thousands of dollars.

That’s why you should sell your house yourself.

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