When you decide to market your house, market your neighborhood too. Neighborhoods are one of the biggest reasons people choose the homes they do. It’s a smart idea to include descriptions of shopping, dining and recreation nearby. Include photos of area amenities such as pools, playgrounds, lakes or clubhouses. The more comfortable people feel about the area the more likely they are to buy your home.

Neighbor amenities swimming pool
Kids playing in neighborhood swimming pool

If the schools associated with the area have a good reputation be sure and emphasize that fact. You can describe your neighbors (if you like them and if it’s true) as friendly and helpful. I’ve sold homes where the sellers bragged about how much fun all the neighbors were. They talked about all the kids in the neighborhood or the block parties they regularly had. The holiday celebrations.

All these things attract people to a neighborhood. When selling your house sell a lifestyle along with it. Tell stories in your description or use them to answer questions from potential buyers. When a home shopper asks you about kids tell a story about something fun the children did. Make your neighborhood sound fun!

Convenience is also big on the list of wants with buyers. Is your house close to a highway system? Is it conveniently located to a major employer? Again, how close are shopping and dining establishments? Access to a grocery store? Let people know with your marketing.

What’s happening in your neighborhood? Let potential buyers know what a great place this is to live.



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