Welcome visitors with an inviting porch. When potential buyers come to look at your house you want to make a great first impression. We bring this up a lot because it is so important. Buyers start forming opinions as soon as they pull up in front of your For Sale By Owner house. Often that first impression is what makes the sale.

Welcome visitors with an inviting front porch
Inviting porch

Even if you only have a small porch you can still make it say “welcome home”. After all, that’s the goal, to make people feel so at home they make it their own. Make sure you have a clean door mat and maybe some blooming potted plants weather permitting. (it’s 14 degrees F outside right now where I am in Kansas) If you do have the space a couple pieces of furniture is a nice touch, like maybe a small table and  chairs.

In the evenings keep the porch light on for potential buyers driving by. Line the walkway with solar lights if you’ll be showing the house during the evening hours. It’s a good idea to power-wash and paint the front porch area. And make sure the front door is in very good condition with a smoothly operating door-handle.

Buyers are looking around as they approach the house and wait for the door to be opened. You don’t want them seeing any chipping paint, ugly old doorknobs, ratty doormats or cobwebs in the corners. You want them to be WOWed, to have a very good feeling when they get inside.

It doesn’t take that much effort and makes a huge difference.

You can easily sell your home yourself. Keep your money, put it to better use.


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