Leveral cameras lying in the grass indicating the importance of FSBO pictures.
Taking great FSBO pictures

When selling a house pictures are important. Really important. Here we’ll learn how to take great FSBO pictures. You know the old saying, A picture is worth a thousand words?

That’s a true saying. When selling a house, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Anyone who has searched homes online have seen the pictures of dirty, messy and cluttered homes. Or pictures of one small corner of a room? Pictures like that don’t impress and certainly don’t inspire potential buyers to schedule showings.

Great pictures sell houses. Literally. For real estate agents and For Sale By Owner listings. When home shoppers are scrolling through real estate sites it’s the pictures that make them stop and further investigate. Home shoppers spend more time on listings with great pictures. That means they’re spending more time on your listing which makes them more likely to pick up the phone and schedule a viewing.

Your FSBO pictures are what is going to attract buyers to your home. Attracting potential buyers to view your home is what is going to get it sold. You may have already done all the hard work of preparing your house for market and pricing it right. The great fsbo pictures you take is what will bring the buyers to your door.

Most successful Realtors use professional photographers or own expensive technical equipment and software. You, as a For sale By owner, don’t necessarily have to own a bunch of expensive equipment. There are inexpensive accessories that can be had to use on your camera phone.

9 Important Factors to Consider

There are many important factors to consider when taking your FSBO pictures.

  1. The lens. A wide angle works best so you can capture more of the room. We use a 10-22mm Canon because it takes in more of the space without distorting the size too much.
  2. Natural lighting. Open all the drapes, curtains and/or blinds. Take pictures at a time of day when the light is at its best, usually when the sun is at its highest.
  3. Interior lighting. Turn on all the lights in the house unless they are causing shadows. Use high wattage bulbs, which should be in place anyway.
  4. Shadows, Take your pictures from angles that produce the least amount of shadows.
  5. Positioning. Most of my pictures are taken from the corners of the room to capture more space. That’s not to say that’s always the best angle. Sometimes centering a focal point, like a fireplace or a window configuration, works better.
  6. Honesty. Take pictures that are true representation of the property. Don’t just take good pictures of a crappy house to attract people. It’s a bad idea to over promise and under deliver.
  7. Software. If you have and know how to use photography software such as Photoshop or Paint Shop use it, but use it only to remove shadows and brighten what needs to be brightened. Do not use it to remove defects of the property.
  8. Tripod. Use a tripod. Always.
  9. Flash. Use a flash when needed is darker rooms. A flash can also be used to reduce shadows.
A house living room showing great fsbo pictures.

Great Pictures Attract Home Buyers

You can probably get good quality pictures of your For Sale By Owner practically free if not completely free. What route you take depends on the value of your home, your own confidence in your ability and your time. One could hire a professional photographer if not so inclined to do the job themselves. It isn’t as expensive as you would think.

Whether you take your fsbo pictures yourself or hire it out make sure they are fantastic pictures. Great pictures is what will attract potential buyers to want to view your home. The more buyers you attract the more offers you potentially get. The more offers you get the higher the price is driven up. That’s how you sell your house fast and for the most money!

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