When selling their personal homes many Realtors avoid the MLS therefore avoid other Realtors. By doing so they can sell their homes themselves. Without using another Realtor. If there’s not another Realtor they won’t have to pay one hence they keep their money. Same as I’m suggesting you do.

Realtor makes money

When you hire a Realtor he posts your house to the mls. The internet portals like Zillow, Trulia and Homes.com then pick up your listing. A prospective buyer searching on those portals finds your house and ask their agent to schedule a showing. The buyer views your home, likes it and as a result writes an offer, through their agent. You accept the offer, through your agent, and now you are in contract. Yay! But now you have to give up 6% of the contract price because you hired a realtor to do something you could have easily done yourself. If your buyer doesn’t have a realtor he calls yours to make an offer. Then your agent gets to keep the full 6% and he is very happy.

A Realtor works for his money just like you do so he wants to save as much as possible. By posting his house directly to the real estate portals like Zillow and Trulia he is hoping for a direct call from a consumer so he can avoid paying transaction fees. I have Called on For sale By Owners at the request of my clients only to find out the person selling is indeed a real estate agent. I can’t find the house listed in the mls.  It’s smart because a Realtor knows where people are looking. As long as the house is priced correctly at market value and in good condition it will sell. Most likely directly to a buyer found on one of the popular real estate portals.

As I say we work for our money. It’s not always easy and that’s why we get paid so much. I believe it’s still something you could easily do yourself. A lot of real estate deals slide though smooth as silk, some not so much and some never close at all. If you follow our instructions chances are you will have a successful transaction.

It will take some work. A couple hours a day once you’re up and running for marketing, showing and eventually negotiating. But again, by following our tips and subscribing to our Easily Sell Your Home Yourself  you’ll see how you too can sell your house For Sale By owner and keep your money.

Easily Sell Your House Yourself



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