Find out what your home is really worth before you put it on the market. If the house isn’t priced correctly all the pictures, descriptions and other marketing efforts will be useless.

Resist the temptation to overprice your home with the intent of lowering the price if it doesn’t sell right away. A house that sits on the market gets a certain stigma attached to it. Buyers wonder what’s wrong, why it hasn’t sold. It prompts buyers to make lower offers and ask for more concessions. Then you as the seller gets annoyed and turns the offer down causing your home to sit on the market some more. It’s a vicious cycle that will cost you money!

Data shows that overpriced homes end up selling for less than if they were priced properly to begin with. Often you’ll find real estate agents agreeing to list an overpriced home just to get their sign in a yard, free advertising. Don’t be like that.

There are places online that offer free home evaluation systems like Zillow or Trulia. Realtors often run “what’s my home worth” ads in an attempt to get in front of home owners  and convince them to list. They do these home evaluations for free. Those evaluations are the best indications of what your home is worth. Try searching “what’s my home worth”. You don’t have to hire them, after all, they offer it for free.

Automated Valuation Model is another way to find the value of your home. Although it’s not as accurate as having an honest real estate agent perform a comparative market anaylsis for you. Different companies have different algorithms for finding home values. Some properties have a rather large spread between opinions. Still, the very best way to find an accurate value for your home is finding what similar homes to yours in the area have been selling for recently or getting an agent to do it for you.

If your time is worth more than the thousands of dollars you’ll save by selling your home yourself than by all means let us know. We have a vast network of agents across the country that can help.

Learn how to easily sell your home yourself.



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