Preparing Your Home For Market

Room By Room Review

  • Keep the area around the house free from debris, toys, garden tools ect.
  • The lawn should always be cut, green and maintained. If you have rocks or something else make sure it always looks nice and inviting.
  • Make sure fences are in good repair and sturdy. Fences are a big deal. Grass should be healthy and cut.
  • The front porch area should be power washed so it looks clean and inviting. First impressions are very important.
  • If the house needs painting, paint it. Be honest with yourself. Again, first impressions are everything.
  • Keep all bushes and trees trimmed and neat. Be sure the brick or stone on the house is clean.
  • The Entry or Foyer
    The Entry or Foyer

    Make the entry beautiful so they want to see the rest of the house. Again, first impressions.

  • Refrigerator should be clean and empty of calender's, magnets, recipes ect.
  • Think about installing new counter-tops if yours are dated, chipped or just ugly.
  • Organize and clean all kitchen cabinets. Buyers love cabinet space. Make yours appear spacious.
  • If your kitchen has eating space put a table and chairs or stools at counters.
  • Counter-tops should be free of everyday items. Give the appearance of plenty of usable counter space.
  • The kitchen should be well lighted. Install high wattage bulbs and open curtains or blinds.
  • Kitchen floors should never be carpet. If you have carpet change it to tile, vinyl or some type of laminate.
  • Kitchens are a focal point. make yours bright, cheery and inviting.
  • Kitchen extra features are a big draw. Under cabinet lights, glass doors, pantries and/or anything else that adds pizzazz.
  • Clean the fireplace. Stack logs if a woodburner. Make it look ready and "warm".
  • Take down any personal pictures and put away objects that give a sense of you or your family. You want the buyer to be able to picture their stuff in your house.
  • The living room should be sparsely furnished to give the impression of space.
  • Put out fresh flowers and/or houseplants.
  • Clean carpets and floors.
  • Install high wattage bulbs and open drapes and blinds to create light. Light is cheery!
  • Remove any old, worn or ugly furniture. You know what's ugly...
  • Make the living room look like a place someone would want to be. Light, comfortable and inviting.
  • Make the bed look nice with clean fresh bedding.
  • Clean and clutter free.
  • Kids bedrooms should look like "kids" bedrooms. Fun. Excited kids make happy parents.
  • Bedrooms are intimate and private spaces.
  • If there's space for it a reading chair is a nice feature.
  • Night stands and dressers should be clutter free.
  • Bathrooms should be ultra clean and bright.
  • Counters should be free of personal items like toothbrushes, open soaps and makeup/shaving stuff.
  • Clean all tile and grout. Thoroughly!
  • Small plants, package soaps and folded towels can make bathrooms attractive.

I cannot stress enough how important the way a house shows is.

It can mean the difference of thousands of dollars. It could be the difference between a single low offer to multiple offers.

A house that shows poorly can sit on the market longer reducing profits.

Sure, it takes some work. But that is work you would be doing anyway even if you had a Realtor. An agent doesn't do the work, or pay to have it done, they just tell you it needs to be done, as this agent is doing here.