So you’re moving and leaving the neighborhood you have grown to love. Why not give your neighbors a chance to choose their new neighbor. Let them have a say in replacing you. Your neighbors can help sell your For sale By owner.4913081 - for sale by owner - real estate tablet

When selling your home DIY you want to do exactly what a real estate agent does, which is  getting the word out that your home is for sale. Marketing your for sale by owner.

Marketing your for sale by owner these days is posting your house online on sites like Zillow and Trulia. That’s where almost all home buyers are looking. So that’s where agents put their listings routed through the multiple listing service (mls). You can simply list it with the online real estate portals directly. Or you can let your neighbors sell your house for you.

Creative agents get more money for their clients and sell the homes faster. And you can be creative too!

Give your neighbors a chance to help you sell your home. One of your neighbors  may have the perfect buyer for your for sale by owner house. Often people are keeping an eye on the homes coming up for sale in the area so they can get their friends or family members to move in and be close.

Maybe you belong to a neighborhood online message board or email list. Send a link to of your listing to the neighborhood.

Your neighbors can help sell your house.

Send out personal invitations to a private open house. Make it fun with snacks, wine, cheese and whatever else-turn into a block party. Get people talking. Give your neighbors a chance to invite house hunters they know that would like to live in the area. I would sometimes do a private open house for my clients. By sending out postcard invitations to the area residents for my clients private open house.  I would let the neighbors do my work for me. I sold a few houses like this before ever having to list.

Give your neighbors a chance to sell the neighborhood to prospective buyers.

Selling your home DIY or for sale by owner does not have to be that difficult. It can even be fun. It’s not nearly as hard as the real estate industry would have you believe. Always keep in mind that the more the word gets out, the more buyers that know your home is for sale, the more offers you are likely to get. That’s what can drive up the price of your home. Create bidding wars.

As always if you don’t think it’s worth your time to save thousands of dollars by selling your home yourself DIY then contact us. We have a vast network of real honest real estate agents all across the country that would be happy to have you pay them.


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