When selling your home the kitchen comes first. Pay special attention because potential buyers will. In a sense you’re not actually selling your house, you’re selling your kitchen, that’s how important it is.

Beautiful kitchen in luxury for sale by owner house

The kitchen is almost always the first place buyers gravitate to when I’m showing homes therefore it has to be impressive. If your kitchen hasn’t changed since 1962 that could present a problem. It will be a major expense and headache for the next owner. They’re not going to want to take that on. When a kitchen has been kept updated throughout the years it may just need a good cleaning and sprucing up.

The benefits of remodeling your kitchen can vary depending on how much work it really needs. Think about your location, price point and style of your house when making remodel decisions. If it needs updating it will certainly pay off to do so. It may cost a few thousand dollars to replace a countertop but a buyer may knock 10,000 dollars or more off their offer if it looks dated.

Some fast and inexpensive fixes for a dated kitchen could be as simple as adding or changing cabinet hardware. If the cabinets are old and dated sometimes you can get away with having them painted or resurfaced rather than replaced. When appliances look old and worn out buyers start adding up the expense of replacing them. To a buyer a $500 stove will costs thousands to replace in their head. They’ll use it as a negotiating point. Consider replacing them first if needed.

Kitchen countertops in a corner

When a remodel is warranted carefully manage the costs. Just because you do a full remodel doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get all your money back. The market value of a home can only go so high depending on the neighborhood and comparables. The home will still have to be priced correctly in order to get it sold regardless of the remodel cost.

When selling your home for sale by owner these are all decisions you can figure out for yourself with a little research. Truthfully real estate agents in general are not that educated on remodel ROI. When you ask them for advice they’re doing the same thing you will, research.

You can easily sell your home yourself. It’s your money. Keep it.

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