This morning was a “I just want to get out from underneath this house” morning. It was a listing appointment, the kind that is dreaded. When going to a listing appointment an agent never knows what to expect. For me there is always a certain amount of trepidation.

Old run down house
House that needs work before selling

Sometimes as you pull up to the house you can tell right away. This is going to be a terrible experience. To be fair often I’m wrong but today I wasn’t.

Sometimes a house in pristine condition, the kind we love because it makes our job so easy. When a house is clean, in good repair, freshly painted and so on we have very little to do but come up with a fair market value price. Then it is list and forget it, because it will sell pretty much on it’s own merits. That of course is the best because it only takes a couple hours work with a return of many thousands of dollars.

Sometimes a house is a disaster, as was the case this morning. And sometimes we hear I don’t want to do anything to it, I just want to get out from underneath this house. Which is fine but sometimes the house is in such a condition, and so much is still owed the bank, and so much work is needed, that they won’t be able to get out with their skin.

My job now is to convince them that a little work, sometimes a lot of work, is needed to get where you want to be in price. I have found that when I can get a seller started on, or at least agreeing to, some work on the house we can end up with a much better bottom line. If they get some momentum going I can even convince them to go farther and make a profit.

You can easily do all this yourself.

If you’re familiar with this site you know where I’m going. You do not need me to tell you this. I’m not some magician that will come in, wave a magic wand and make it all better. I will simply tell you what needs to be done which these homeowners must certainly already know. You still have to do the work on your own. We don’t do labor, we just sell your house. You can easily do that yourself.

If your home is already in perfect condition why pay me thousands of dollars to “list” it for you? I will but you can easily sell it yourself. Simply get your house in order, collect the proper forms and save yourself a lot of money.



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