When it’s time to sell a house most people automatically think of hiring a Realtor and have never heard of Ibuyers. There are other options even though they often aren’t considered. Choosing how to sell your house comes down to how much it costs and/or convenience. Check out this video to learn which is the best option for you? To sell it fast and hassle free, hire someone to sell it for you or sell it yourself and make the most money.

The most well known and popular way to sell a house is to hire a real estate agent. Hiring an agent can be expensive, often as much as 6 or 7 percent of the contract price. For a $320,000 house that could be more than $19,000. That’s a lot of money.

The most popular up and coming real estate disruptor are the Ibuyers. Ibuyers are companies that will buy your house directly from you at a fair market value or just slightly below fair market value price. Using an Ibuyer is definitely more convenient for a faster less stressful sale but can get expensive too.

Watch the video above to learn the specific advantages, disadvantages and costs associated with Realtors and Ibuyers.

For Sale By Owner

And of course you can always sell your home yourself and make the most money by not paying anyone. Using Ibuyers or Realtors can be expensive and really cut into your profits and future plans. The reason most people never even consider a For Sale By Owner is lack of knowledge, they simply think it would be too difficult. I’m not saying it doesn’t take some time and effort. Sometimes problems will come up. Buyers can be demanding. But when it’s all said and done the savings, the money you get to keep, makes it all worth it.

Sell your house yourself! Click here to learn how.

For Sale By Owner sign

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