When you list your For Sale By Owner you’ll get calls from real estate agents wanting to list your home.  They may tell you “I have a buyer for your house”. If you list with me I have buyers looking for a house like yours. If that’s true, that’s great but…

DIY For sale By Owner
for sale by owner real estate sign


I’m writing this because one of my agents ran into this exact situation recently. A friend  had his house on the market with a different agent. When she found this out she called her friend to find out “what’s up, why didn’t you call me when you decided to sell your house”. Because another agent convinced him he had a buyer in pocket that was interested in the house.

Interested in the house but not ready to write an offer and furthermore that buyer never materialized. And the agent got the listing. The point of this post is to let you know, or remind you, you don’t have to have a listing agreement to write a contract with an agent. You don’t have to have a listing agreement to write a contract with an agent. Did you get that. Don’t let them convince you do.  You will probably have to sign a commission document but that’s OK. If the agent brings a buyer they should get paid, only one side.

The industry has done a fantastic job of making the public believe you can’t sell your house on your own. Agents have all the language and all the reasons to make you list with them. Your For Sale By Owner is a threat to our business. If the general public ever realized how easy it is to do this on your own. Seriously, it’s not that difficult to sell your home on your own. We are showing you how it’s done.

By preparing your home properly, pricing it right and marketing efficiently you will sell your home for top dollar in a short amount of time and save thousands and thousands of dollars.

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