When selling your home yourself it pays (literally) to get your house ready for the market. How to prepare your home for selling is one of the lessons you’ll learn at DIY Real Estate, easily sell your home yourself.

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Here’s a tip to help you sell your home yourself fast and for top dollar.

One very important thing to do when selling your home is to de-personalize it – make it not your house anymore.

The idea is to make sure the buyers can picture themselves and their family in your house, so they buy it. The personal stuff in in your house prevents that. The more personal touches the harder it will be for potential buyers to think of it as their new home. Get rid of everything that is not absolutely necessary when selling your house. Put it in storage. This means family photos, memorabilia, keepsakes, and anything else that says “you”.

By emptying the house it also declutters. The less stuff the more spacious it appears.

Consider hiring a stager trained in the art of decorating. Staging is simply arranging your furniture to best showcase the floor plan and maximizing space. You could even do it yourself. Learn by looking at magazines, model homes and/or moving the furniture around and seeing what works best.

You can easily sell your home yourself and keep your money.

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