Real estate buyers agent shaking hands with seller.

Want to know how to pay 1/2 the real estate commission without negotiating? Easy. Sell your home yourself. Really.

Get your home ready to sell and price it right then list it yourself on internet sites like Zillow and Trulia. Then sit back and wait for a buyer that has an agent.

The worst scenario for the real estate industry is when the public, home sellers, figure out how easy it is to sell a home. Real estate agents should love, and probably do, internet sites like Zillow, Trulia and because they do all the work. Sure, Realtors have the multiple listing service but consumers use the internet sites to search and gather information on their own.

Those real estate sites can also help you sell your home on your own, as a For Sale By Owner.

There is really no need for a “listing agent” anymore. Home sellers can easily perform all the tasks the agent does for you. The work of getting your home ready to sell (which you actually do anyway), pricing it right and marketing you do yourself. All of the tools needed are available for little or very little cost. And you’ll save thousands of dollars.

It’s happening more and more that people just like you are selling their homes themselves successfully. That’s not to say all are successful. It does take a certain amount of knowledge all of which is available outside of the real estate industry. There is some work involved but the rewards are substantial.

You can get an actual real estate agent to price your home for you or you can use the internet to find comparables and do it yourself.

So now that you know that get your house ready and get it listed For Sale By Owner. Market it all over the internet, to friends, neighbors and co-workers.

The Real Estate Commision

If you’ve done everything right getting ready for the sale you will get potential buyers wanting to see your home. It doesn’t matter if it’s a “sellers market” or a “buyers market” you’ll get traffic. How much relates to the type of market we’re in and the overall health of the economy.

Some of those buyers may have a signed buyers agency agreement with a real estate agent. An agency agreement is a contract between a real estate agent and a buyer that guarantees the agent will get paid. It is assumed, wrongly or rightly but we’re not debating that today, that the seller pays all real estate commissions.

If you accept an offer from one of these buyers their agent will do all the work. You’ll only be paying half the real estate commission. If you like the agent they may even be able to help you find your next home, at no cost to you.

Do not let the agent charge you more because they’re doing all the work. It’s actually easier for an agent to handle both sides of the deal. Remember, you have control. You’ve gotten your house ready, priced it right and it’s in demand. If the buyers agent won’t work with you then find another.

If your buyer doesn’t have a buyers agent you can ask them to get one or even suggest one you may know.

Remember, listing your house yourself on the internet is not difficult. If you’ve done everything right getting ready, attracting buyers will be a breeze.

Having a buyer with a real estate agent enables you to have all the paperwork done for you with only paying half the real estate commission.

Now go sell your house and save thousands of dollars.

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