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How this crazy real estate market can save you money.
Crazy real estate market

I’m going to tell you how this crazy real estate market saves you money, or how it can save you money if you’re willing to listen. You could even call it making money.

It’s almost March 2019. This is the start of the spring real estate selling season and I have to wonder what’s going on with this market. It’s crazy. Prices are rising fast, maybe too fast. Inventory is at an all time low.
Homes are selling so fast it’s dizzying (if that’s even a word).

It’s so crazy that right now there are literally more real estate agents than homes for sale in the small midwestern city I live in.

Are they real estate agents? Or more like opportunists? It’s so easy to sell a house when the market is like this. It seems everyone and their brother are getting a real estate license as a means to separate you, the home seller, from your money.

I’m telling you to keep your money by selling your home yourself. If you’re fearful I can teach you how, but honestly, it’s not that difficult.

Picture this scenario. An unemployed person gets up in the morning, turns on the TV and sees a news story about a hot real estate market. 3 weeks later this person has a real estate license and is handling the biggest financial transaction you’ll ever make.

If that sounds scary, good, it’s meant to.

He’s not worried about how much money you’ll make. He’s not worried about the down payment or mortgage of your next house. His goal is to rake in as much cash as he can while this crazy market is “hot”.

No one cares more about your money than you do so keep it.

Do It Yourself in This Crazy Market

When the markets are like this it really makes no sense to hire someone to sell your house for you unless you just don’t have the time, and are already rich. That’s understandable. I’m not rich but I hire a guy to mow my lawn because I don’t have the time. The opportunity cost is so high it’s worth it. I pay him 25 bucks.

If I were to pay someone to sell my house it would be quite a bit more. Like thousands more.

This really is a crazy real estate market. Homes that are priced right, properly prepared for market and kept show ready are selling the day they hit the market. Overpriced homes are selling the day the price is dropped to where it should be.

That’s really easy money, but for whom? The typical real estate commission is 6%. If you sell your house for $300,000 that’s $18,000 your paying someone to do what you could easily do yourself. Even if you pay a buyer’s agent, that’s a whole different topic, you still save $9000.

Maybe more if your negotiating skills are there.

The point is if you haven’t realized it yet, if you can fog a mirror you can sell a house in this crazy real estate market. Yes, you can.


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