How disruption will happen in real estate and how it will save you money. Disruption is the catchphrase of the times.  The word itself has almost run it’s course and is hardly relevant anymore.

The world is changing so fast that’s it’s not so much disruption as simply massive inevitable  change. Change in the ride share business-Uber replacing taxis. Change in where we sleep when vacationing-AirB&B replacing hotels. Change in how we watch movies-Netflix replacing the video store. Change in real estate business-Artificial intelligence  replacing real estate agents.

Disruption in real estate -Uber

It’s going to happen. The real estate business is going to change radically. No one knows yet what that change is going to be but it is happening now. Investors are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in startups trying to do just that. To disrupt the real estate business.

Agents are becoming irrelevant. The general public hasn’t caught on yet in masse. But they will. Homeowners are starting to wonder what they get for their money. Those huge commissions they pay when buyers are finding homes online on their own.

The problem with the startups trying to dislodge real estate agents is they still cost consumers money. Still quite bit of money. Some are trying to make it “easier” to sell  home but still relatively expensive. Others have adopted the buy low sell high technique but that doesn’t make much sense for consumers. What does make sense is for someone selling their home keeping their money and actually making a profit.

An agents marketing these days consist of putting homes online, where consumers are looking. A task that can easily be performed by just about anyone . Seriously, it’s not rocket science.

While all these slick expensive startups are searching for the magic bullet I believe disruption will come from the source, the consumer. The guy selling his house figuring out he can do it himself and save thousands of dollars. I believe that’s how disruption in the real estate industry will occur. When the general public figures out how they can easily sell their homes themselves.

Find out how you can easily sell your home yourself.




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