Facebook your for sale by owner for maximum exposure. If you have a facebook account you’re well aware of what a great connector it is. If you have 200 friends and they have 200 friends and they have 200 friends…you get the picture.

Imagine the power of that network  in getting the word out that your house is for sale. I’m no social media expert but I am a successful real estate agent.  I use a facebook business page to sell many of our homes. We have to pay for advertising but you get yours free via your personal page.

Post a link to your  page from whatever site your using to market your home. If you have an ad on Zillow you can post that ad link directly to your page. Make your post fun, use imagination. Do something unique and interesting and who knows, maybe it will go viral. Wouldn’t that be something.

Don’t be shy about it either. Ask your friends to share your post.  There’s nothing wrong with asking your friends for a favor. Asking them to help out in a very simple way that won’t cost them any time, money or effort. Think of the coverage if just 20 of your friends share your post. I bet you’ll find they’ll be happy to do it.

For a real estate agent it isn’t such a great idea to constantly post listings on their personal page. It makes them look salesy and pushy. After all facebook is a social media network, not a classifieds ad. For you, it can be fun, there’s nothing wrong with it and it’s effective!

While we favor facebook for our advertising you can use any and all of your social media accounts to post your house for sale. Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and any social networks accounts you have.

I had a client once that found a house on facebook that their friend was selling. They looked at the house (without me) loved it and bought it. I didn’t get a commission but I was happy my client found the house of their dreams. They found a For Sale By Owner on facebook.





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