The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home Yourself

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Hi, I'm Joel Weihe, a licensed real estate agent in the state of Kansas.

Real Estate as we know it is changing. Bigger changes are coming just no one yet knows quite what those changes are.

Uber took over the taxi industry. Netflix put video stores out of business. AirB&B is taking hotel market share. What will happen with real estate?

I believe the biggest threat to the real estate industry is the consumer figuring out how easy it is to sell a house. Realtors and the industry are trained to convince you that you need a real estate agent to sell your house when in fact you can easily do it yourself and save thousands of dollars. 

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Save even more money. Get DIY Real Estate at a greatly reduced rate as we add on a few finishing touches. This offer during Beta is only being offered to a select group. In return we would greatly appreciate feedback and more success stories. The program is complete with everything you need to learn to easily sell your home yourself. We're working on a few design features like more video, pictures and examples. 

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Module #1 Contents

This module will teach you how to get your home ready for market. The way your home shows can be the difference of thousands of dollars.

Module #2 Contents

Module #2 will show you how to price your home right to get it sold fast and for top dollar. The largest mistake made when listing a house For Sale By Owner.

Module #3 Contents

This is where you learn how to market your home. Not just throw it out there and list it and forget it, but how to truly attract many buyers that will compete to buy your house!

Module #4 Contents

This module teaches you all about the world of financing mortgages and how it applies to you and your home sale. It really does make a difference.

Module #5 Contents

This final module you will learn what to do when you get offers. How to negotiate contracts and all about escrow and closing. And picking up your check!

Save even more money on top of the thousands you'll save by learning how to easily sell your home yourself.

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When complete and released to the public DIY Real Estate will sell for $69.00

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive for sale by owner training course.

  • Complete step by step instructions on how to save thousands of dollars by selling your home yourself.
  • Learn everything a real estate agent should be doing to sell your house and how you can actually do it better.
  • Learn everything there is to know about preparing your home for market to get more money.
  • Learn all the small "tips and tricks" that will help you increase profit.
  • Find out how to access all the contracts, disclosures and other documents you'll need for a successful transaction.
  • Learn how to negotiate like a pro and get what you want.
  • The secret to successful For Sale By Owner open houses that get others to help you sell your house.
  • How to use your social media accounts to attract more buyers.
  • Free lifetime access to updates for when you sell your next house.


The complete package of DIY Real Estate-Easily Sell Your Home Yourself is included. All of the steps and all of the details to show you how to easily sell your home yourself and save thousands of dollars.

There are a few finishing touches we are working on. Mostly some wording, adding pictures and  design elements. This beta program gives you lifetime access and all updates. As the industry changes and the markets fluctuate you will always be up to date on what it takes to get a home sold for top dollar.

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Within this course you will learn everything you need to know to successfully sell your home yourself and sell it for the most money possible. Keep your money & put it to better use.

*Based on 6% commission on a contract price of $320,000