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Pricing Your House Right


In the section you are going to learn how to price your house to get the most money out of it and avoid the many mistakes that FSBO's make that will cost you money. Part of the preparation for getting your house ready to sell is putting a price on it. You may be tempted to simply look at what other houses are selling for around you, and that is part of it, but if you do the work you'll get the maximum dollar amount afforded by the market.

Please open and study the attached downloads. The video to the right is an example of using Zillow to preform a Comparative Market Analysis

Price your house PDF Download

Action Steps

Price your house using Comparative Analysis.
Interview Realtors for price and advice, don't hire one.
Compare your price to online portal estimates like Zillow.
Find the perfect price for your house.

Comparative Market Analysis Using Zillow

Sell Your House Yourself

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