Consider replacing your furniture. Think about removing or replacing old worn out or outdated furnishings. Your favorite recliner with the cup holder and the faux leather ripped seat may be special to you but to a buyer viewing your home it is an eyesore. That old chipped “antique” table that needs refinishing can still be used …but in your new home. For now get it out of sight.


If the matching furniture doesn’t work do something about it. Break up your sets. Old dated furniture can easily become something eclectic with a little rearranging and maybe a small addition or two. If needed borrow some pieces or even rent. Look through magazines and professionally staged homes for ideas. it’s important your house looks comfortable, livable and generic. By generic I mean it has to appeal to anyone and everyone.

You may want to consider consulting with a professional staging company for design direction. It’s OK to rent furnishings. Remember, you want to create an inviting home that will have broad appeal to a wide range of buyers.

I can literally see the difference in faces of buyers when we walk into a home with old ratty or outdated furnishings. It makes the house drab. The buyers have a hard time getting past the “decoration”. Furniture can be a very personal thing. Earlier posts and advice has been to depersonalize. Furniture is a great place to start.

The title is of this article contains “replacing” but often you can simply get rid of excess stuff.  Put your extra furniture in storage.  For instance if there is matching furniture and too much of it take the larger pieces out. You want the house to be sparsely furnished with smaller pieces to give the impression of larger spaces.

There’s nothing wrong with matching furniture itself as long as it looks nice and doesn’t crowd.

Make your For sale By owner shine and it will sell.

Save tons of money by doing it yourself!



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