Half empty closets make the space look twice as big. Storage is something all potential buyers are looking for and there can never be enough. Closets are some of that space. Organize them. Buyers will snoop by opening drawers and doors to see about storage. Keeping your spaces clean, tidy and uncluttered give the appearance of more room.

Half empty closets

To often I see wardrobes packed full of clothes, shoes and stuff. I had a client that took the bifold doors off because she couldn’t get them closed and when I asked her to half empty her closets and put the doors on she refused. Ultimately the house didn’t sell because in my opinion it looked cluttered and messy. This particular house actually didn’t have much storage space to begin with so appearances were even more important.

When closets look small and crowded it gives the impression there isn’t much room and these days buyers are always talking about storage space. If it looks like there isn’t enough room for your clothes than there won’t be enough for theirs.

It isn’t just closets. All the storage spaces in your house should be half emptied and organized. You want to give the impression of plenty of room. Maybe you have one of those rooms in your basement. You know the one,  plastic containers stacked haphazardly to the ceiling full of everything you have owned for the last 20 years. Containers full of high school yearbooks, forgotten toys, material never used, forgotten hobbies and ect ect ect…

I suggest renting a storage unit or using a friends garage or parking a POD in your driveway. Take everything out of your closets and other storage spaces that you don’t need. Everything you can live without for the time it takes to sell your home. If you follow our advise that shouldn’t be long. By doing so the storage spaces in your house will appear larger and roomy which is Just what your potential buyer wants to see.

Giving the appearance of a lot of clutter free storage space is an important factor in getting your home sold. Pricing your house right is what will get buyers to visit. Giving the appearance of plenty of closet space will help to sell it!

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