Your selling your house and you have to bring money to the table. The listing agent gets $13,500 and you have to bring another $4327 to close the deal. That’s what it’s going to take to pay off the house. The buyer is using a special program that takes care of his downpayment. He doesn’t have any money. Because he doesn’t have any money your agent thought it would be a good idea if you paid his closing costs for him, another $5,600. Something about getting the deal done.

Suitcase full of $100 bills
Bringing money to the table

So here you are sitting at the closing table handing over money, another $4327. That’s after already shelling out $19,100 in commissions and buyer paid closing costs. Ridiculous. All because someone convinced you it couldn’t be done on your own.

This happens all the time. Someone buys a house, makes it a home and then something happens. They get a job transfer, lose a job, gets a divorce or just simply wants to move. The point is they are moving and haven’t lived in the house long enough to break even.  Money has to brought to the closing table.

For the first several years owning a home the majority of the mortgage payment goes to interest.  It depends on the lender how much that is exactly but it’s a lot. Very little actually gets paid on the note.

You’re in this position of selling your house after only living there a few years. By selling it yourself you can save thousands of dollars. Many thousands of dollars and it’s really not that difficult. Granted it does take some work. While getting everything ready and than during the process you’ll be busy but when it’s all over you’ll be that much richer too. There will be that much more money in your bank account.

Sell your house yourself. Stay in control, watch out for your own best interest and keep your money!

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