I help people find and purchase their dream home.

As a licensed real estate agent in the state of Kansas , #SP00230507, my job is to help people with real estate. Mostly I work as a buyer’s agent helping people find the perfect home and making dreams come true.

Often I list homes for past clients or sellers that are referred to me. Whenever I am called upon to list a home I always ask “have you considered selling your home yourself?” The answer is almost always no and I think that is because people don’t realize how easily you can sell your home yourself.

That’s what else I do. I teach people to sell their homes themselves and save thousands of dollars. Many thousands.

Why I Want You To Sell Your House Yourself

I was inspired to start this business because I was tired of seeing people lose money when they had to sell their home. It was hard to tell them they owed the brokerage thousands of dollars they couldn’t afford after I sold their house.

To many times I’ve met people whom had just bought a house and for whatever reason they had to sell a short time later. Sometimes they had to move due to job transfer. Sometimes it was due to a divorce or a job loss. Sometimes it just turned out they had bought the wrong house, it simply didn’t work for their family.

The problem is when you buy a house there are very minimal transaction costs. When you sell a house there are real estate commissions to be paid. Those costs run into the thousands of dollars, often as much as 6% of the contract price. That’s $19,200 for a house with a contract price of $320,000.

When these folks called and asked me about selling their house I would always ask “have you considered selling your home yourself?” The answer is almost always no.

The reason surprised me. The number one reason was didn’t know how or felt intimidated. A close second was time. As if paying me $9,600 for a few hours work wasn’t worth their time. Crazy, I thought, when selling a house these days with all the free technology is so easy.

That’s how I got started helping people to sell their home themselves. When I ran into situations like that I would convince people they could sell on their own and show them how. That way they would be able to afford to move.

I know it’s possible to sell a house For Sale By Owner so I decided to teach everyone how.

It does involve time and work.

If you don’t have time to mow your lawn you hire a landscaping company.

If you don’t have time to sell your house you hire a real estate agent.

If you want to saveĀ  thousands of dollars I will teach you how to do it yourself.

Joel Weihe


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