Who Am I

A top selling real estate agent that sees the future.

I've been successfully helping people with real estate since 2009 selling between 50 and 70 homes a year.

Prior to that I worked as a project manager in residential construction. I built the homes I now help people buy. The great recession of 2008-2009 found me laid off and without employment. I started working in real estate because there was literally no other work available. There was good money to be made and it is a lot easier than building houses. In fact, it's probably the easiest job I ever had.

In school I studied business and economics.

I see the future of real estate. More and more people every year are trying For Sale By Owner. Many are successful. The problem is real estate can get a little complicated. Often FSBO's leave money on the table because they overprice, or under-price, their homes. Or they try and put a house on the market before it's ready. The one thing an agent has is experience. 

I'm offering that experience and it will save you literally thousands of dollars. 

There are a lot of startups and tech companies trying to, or positioning themselves to, disrupt the traditional way real estate is done, with a real estate broker/agent. The problem is they still cost a lot of money.

I'll show you how you can sell your house yourself. 

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